Just Your Average Every Day Post…

except that this is also my first real post on WordPress.

I’ve moved over from LiveJournal, and though I’m keeping my old blog, I thought it was time to start something new, to refresh myself and maybe get back into the swing of things.  There will no longer be links to my Live Journal (I have shifted all the old entries into a WordPress Blog, too), and to a separate new blog for my poetry (sheesh I wrote a lot of it! And yes, I am a little embarased by some of the earlier ones) called Spun Stardust.

I think I’ll keep this short and sweet, since it’s only a start, but my goal here is to keep track of my thoughts and keep the writing going.  Maybe I’ll try some new things, but mostly I want to get back my enthusiasm for this whole idea, so let’s see where it goes from here, eh?


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