If You Like … boardgames & a nice cuppa …

My boy and I spent 7 hours at Snakes & Lattes on the Canada Day long weekend with 8 of our friends.  This was one of many, many, many awesome drinks – It was a MochaLatte, I believe.

We played the following, in no particular order:

  • “That’s My Fish” – this is a game I’d really like to buy.  In fact, I meant to buy it on the way out, but got distracted.
  • “Pandemic” – we did buy this game, because we lost twice and were fascinated.  As a group we’re really healthy gamers, in that we play very regularly each on our own and together once a month for a weekend straight, so it was really a shock to loose so thuroughly.  We’ve played it a few times since. and our win/loose ratio is reasonable, and every game has been intense but enormously fun.
  • “Cats in a Blender” – I actually didn’t really enjoy this game.  I did win, mind you, but it was too cut-throat a game and the art was pretty ugly.
  • “Lords of Watterdeep” – We bought this one.  Very interesting, compelling work-replacement game, and its fluff comes from D&D.  Usually I’m not that fond of this type of game, but I quite enjoyed
  • “Castle Panic” – this one I myself didn’t play, but I’ve been told it was casual and fun.
  • “Resistance” – this was a card game where you have to guess who is the spy in the resistance.  I loved this game, but found it much too easy- my friends are not really sneaky enough, I guess.
  • “Clue” – I enjoy Clue, but sat out this time.  It was a pretty quick game, and a nice change from the other pretty serious games.
  • “Rory’s Story Cubes” – I liked this one well enough to buy the original as well as a second ‘expansion’ set.  These are 9 dice which you roll and then make up a story- it’s great to give ideas or a place to start, or a challenge.

If you’re close enough to get to Snakes & Lattes, and you have someone to go with you, I really reccommend you try it.


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