Cake Pops, Success and Failure

I brought these in to work on Friday the 13th.

The first batch had too thick and ugly a candy coating as well as being really ill-shaped, and the second I used liquid food colouring in an attempt to make the chocolate coating darker.  I discovered as I was handing them out at work that the colouring oozes out in gross ways- liquid food colouring apparently does not work for hard candy or hard chocolate.  I looked it up online afterwords and discovered that this is apparently something I was supposed to already know.  Boo.  On the other hand, they were seriously delicious- they’re best when still a little chilled.  Also, you do not need to have an oven to make these- just start with a store-bought cake (so long as it isn’t already iced) like I did.  Also, I added quite a bit of Paprika (it isn’t very noticable, but I do think it improves the flavour a little).

Some pieces of advice:

  • When you’re coating them with the candy, be sure that the cake part is well frozen as the sticks have a tendency to slip right through the cake (even after being secured with the candy) if the cake isn’t still a little frozen,
  • It’s easiest to attach the sticks if you’ve already made little holes for the sticks before trying to attach them with the candy,
  • Do Not for any reason use liquid food colouring to colour the candy coating- it DOES NOT WORK (also, looks gross and unappetizing) and
  • Make practice ones before you offer any to people you want to impress :-P

2 thoughts on “Cake Pops, Success and Failure”

    1. I can’t take credit for the idea- I think it was Bakerella who made these popular, but don’t quote me on that! These pops are really fun, and especially great on a day that’s way too hot. :-)

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