BJD Shopping Sprees

So, I have placed three BJD – related orders in the last month or so (not counting the order for the actual doll, which has already arrived).

I ordered from Leekeworld first, and it is the order which will take the longest.  I ordered a few new wigs, and two pairs of eyes, but since the wigs are handmade, they take on average about 60 business days to be prepared.  They’ll probably ship in early October.

I ordered from Dollmore about a week ago, and the order should arrive sometime this week, possibly as early as today.  I ordered one prop and a few outfits, but since I placed the order around 2am, I forgot to order the two things which I really needed – dolly underwear (for when she wears skirts), and shoes!!

The third order I placed with Tata’s Paradise, and includes some items which I have been wanting to order since I first started doing research about BJDs clothing about 4 years ago.  I’m really looking forward to it.

I’ll do haul photos when the orders arrive so you can see.  : – )

Image credit for the above pictures goes to Tata’s Paradise.


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