LARP Shopping Spree!!

This weekend Hans (my boy-creature) and I had two of our friends over because we’re planning to join a LARPing group and we need to get our costumes & props ready.

LARPing is Live Action Role Play, which basically means we go camping for a weekend and spend the whole time pretending we’re a character which fits into the fantasy setting which has been created for the event.  If you want some more specific detail, or even just to know more about it, I recommend Google.  ;-)

So we spent about half the weekend shopping, and the other half making things.  I’ll post photos of the haul and some process pictures for the two projects I’m working on first.  I’m planning to make a corset out of suede & micro suede lining, and also a little bag for one of our friends.  I’ve made about 1/4 of the mock-up corset (which won’t have boning, unlike the final)- I’ll post photos tonight or tomorrow.

We went to Value Village, Home Depot (twice), Mark’s Work Warehouse (twice), Michael’s, Wallmart and Lens Mills.

I got really overwhelmed in one of the stores, and had to go find Hans for a hug.  There is nothing more disturbing for me than a store in which I can’t walk down every aisle before I decide to buy anything, and Lens Mills is just way too big for me to feasibly methodically look at everything.  We’ll probably go back for some things we missed while I was having my panic attack.

I’ll post more about the weekend later on.

The image above belongs to Epoch Toronto, and can be found on their website:


2 thoughts on “LARP Shopping Spree!!”

  1. LARP sounds like fun! Let us know how your first event goes! What kind of group have you joined; can you say what theme the characters have or if the costume will be medieval/fantasy?

    1. The group I will be joining is called EPOCH Toronto, and you can check out their website here:
      It is definately a fantasy setting, but the first character I’m planning to play will definately have more of a medieval tilt to her- I’ll be a Pacifist Medic, so I get a chance to get used to LARPing without having to fight at first and so I can get a better feel for the world. A few of my friends are already involved, one of them plays a Gypsy EarthMage healer, and the other plays a Weaponsmaster Smith.

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