Warkworth, Part the Fourth

The 5th & 6th Earls

After Henry (1489), Henry Algernon (1478-1527), was the 5th Percy Earl of Northumberland.

By 1550 the castle was already falling rapidly into disrepair

Henry Percy (1502-1537), the 6th Earl:

    • Reconstructed the wall between The gatehouse & the Montagu Tower in 1534 & cleared the uncompleted church
    • died without any children, and his brother Thomas Percy had been executed in 1536

Thomas Percy’s descendants were given the Percy inheritance in 1557 by Mary I

The 7th, 8th, & 9th Earls

  • Thomas Percy (1528-1572), the 6th Earl’s nephew, became the 7thEarl
      • kept Warkworth & Alnwick well maintained until he was involved in the unsuccessful attempts to re-establish Roman Catholicism under Elizabeth I (this was in 1569)
      • At this time Sir. John Forester took the castle on behalf of the queen (Thomas Percy –1572- was a prisoner in Scotland)
      • Queen Elizabeth I bought Thomas from Scotland in July of 1572 and executed him on August 22nd
  • Thomas Percy’s brother, Henry (1532-1585) was the 8thPercy Earl of Northumberland
      • was given control of Warkworth & Alnwick in 1574 by Elizabeth I, but by then Warkworth was mostly ruins
  • in 1585, Henry Percy (1564-1632) became the 9thEarl of Northumberland
      • by this time some rooms were habitable again
      • he was arrested in 1605 on suspicion of having been involved in the Gunpowder Plot which had been an attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament – he was fined 30,000 pounds & imprisoned in the Tower of London, where he remained for 17 years
  •  1605 – the castle was leased to Sir Ralph Gray, who owned the nearby Chillingham Castle, but he allowed the castle and its land to deteriorate further – he mostly kept animals on the land, and failed to maintain anything
  • 1608 – Henry (1632) ordered the removal of any lead remaining in the ruined buildings of Warkworth to help pay his debts
  • 1622 – castle was leased to Sir Francis Brandlyng, about whom little is known

More to follow shortly.

The credit for the illustration above goes to Peter Dunn, and I found it on this webpage: http://jamieos.smugmug.com/Ogle-Northumberland-Reunion/Warkworth-Castle-photos-by/741150_SCq3CN

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