Warkworth, Part the Fifth

The Civil War & it’s Aftermath

  • Warkworth was garrisoned for the king in 1642
  • Surrendered to the Scots in 1644
  • and in 1648, Parliamentarian forces installed their own garrison there, but withdrew by the end of the year, taking doors and all iron they could find to prevent the castle from being easy to hold in any future wars- it is likely that the bailey was mostly destroyed at this time
  • 1649 – Algernon Percy (1602-1668), the 10th Earl, sought reparations for the damages, but did not receive any compensation
  • Jocelyn Percy (1644-1670), the 11th Earl, was survived by his widow, who gave many materials from the great tower to one of her estate officers to build a house from
    • Local labourers were offered 1/2 a crown for every load of spoils so they removed 272 cart-fulls
  • 1752 – the wall between the Montagu Tower & the gatehouse was demolished, and the Carrickfergus Tower also partially collapsed

The Revival of Warkworth

  • By the late 1700s, the Percys had been elevated from Earls of Northumberland to Dukes, and as such they took a renewed interest in Warkworth, as it was intricately a part of their own ancestral history
  • the demolished castle wall was rebuilt & excavations of the general accumulated mess of several generations were undertaken in the 1850s & 1890s
  • Algernon Percy (yes, another one- this one living from 1792-1865), the 4th Duke of Northumberland employed Anthony Salvin to restore the Great Tower in the 1850s
    • Preparations for Salvin’s restorations began in 1849
    • 1853-1858 – external stonework was replaces where necessary & the 2 upper chambers (called the Duke’s Rooms) were given new floors & new roofing
    • However, it looks like the full renovation which was planned never took place

And that, as they say, is the end of that.  I will be posting some more photographs from the trip to Warkworth in the next few days, when I’m less sick of thinking about it…  ;-)

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Photo credit for the above goes to James Gentles, and the photo is taken from his website, which I strongly recommend if you are interested at all in photography: http://www.gentles.info/KAP/Composition/index.htm


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