Ten Things About Me

  1. I really like turtles, mostly because they remind me of someone who was very kind to me.
  2. I work as a secretary, but I’d rather be working with horses.
  3. I have pet rats, and they really break my heart, because they have such short lifespans for such gregarious and life-loving creatures.
  4. I am pretty bad at keeping plants alive, but I love having them in the house.
  5. I’m a little superstitious – I believe that there should be a fish tank in every house (or a fountain, that would also count) to ward off the threat of water damage.  (This one comes from my Mum)
  6. I sometimes have lucid dreams, which I can manipulate.  I haven’t had one in a few years, though.
  7. My favorite flavour of ice cream is green tea.
  8. I’ve eaten sushi since I was four years old.
  9. I really dislike talking about my religious beliefs, but I’ll gladly discuss cultural history and the way religion interacts with it.
  10. I really miss playing D&D with my friends – now that almost all of us are done university, it’s really hard to find the time and difficult to coordinate everyone to be in one place to play.

And a bonus # 11.  I never wanted to be a novelist, but my family always said that was what I should do.  I wanted to be a publishing editor for fantasy novels.


2 thoughts on “Ten Things About Me”

  1. You’re lucky to be able to manipulate your dreams! I’ve tried that but with no success. Also a green tea ice-cream flavour sounds interesting; I will have to try and find it. =D

    1. I think you’re right! When I was pretty young I had nightmares a lot, and it really helped to be able to force the dream away from the scary things- it wasn’t easy, but in the end I could eventually force myself awake once the dream wasn’t as bad anymore.
      Green tea ice-cream is usually the dessert offered in sushi restaurants if you’re interested in trying it- red bean is another flavor they usually offer. Red bean is sweeter, but green tea is more interesting, I think. : – )

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