The Coffe-maker Catastrophy

So, I’m a little dopey on Mondays, sometimes, and yesterday afternoon was no exception.

I went into my company’s little coffee-room, and put down my papers on the counter only to discover that some angel had left a nice big puddle of water there.  This should have been a clue that getting a cup of coffee was not going to be the simplest of affairs on this particular occasion.  I grabbed a mug and went to fill it- of course no one had made more coffee even though the machine was clearly empty.  So I got out all the things to make it, got it all ready, started it up, and turned away to clean up my papers, and dry the puddle.  By the time I turned around to the machine, it had completely overflowed and there was coffee everywhere- all over the machine, the pot, the counter and even dripping down the cabinets to drip into a little puddle on the floor.  It turns out that I had just slightly not lined up the filter with the coffeepot which is immediately under it.

So I spent the next fifteen to twenty minutes cleaning up the mess- I went through an entire roll of paper towels, and wound up having to go get more from the other room.  Only then did I get my cup of coffee.


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