If You Like … metal

Then you may enjoy Nightwish.  They are a symphonic metal band from Finland.

My personal favorite song from them is Amaranth, but Bye Bye Beautiful, Nemo, the Islander and Turn Loose the Mermaids are all really great, too.  There are very few songs by this band that I do not enjoy, if you hadn’t guessed.  : – )  I’d love to list all the ones I really like, but then we’d all be here until tomorrow morning, so I won’t.  YouTube has a nice big selection of their songs, so if you search, you’ll find them.

We went to their concert last night, and personally, I didn’t think I was yelling at the time, but I definitely have lost my voice today.  We had a really really great time!!

Image from: http://heavy-metal-ftw.blogspot.ca/2011/02/nightwishs-imaginarium-cd-2012.html

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