Seven Little Girls

Eilir, Whiskey, Lux and Seven or Nine
Eilir, Lux and Whiskey (Left to right)
George looking for kisses
Seven, Lux, Whiskey, Nine and George’s bum (counterclockwise from the dark smudge near the top, which is Seven)
Meet Eilir (George in the background)
Eilir and Nine
Nine, Lux & Seven (with George on the side)
Sona, Eilir, Seven, Lux, Whiskey, Nine
George & Nine
Lux’ bum & some assorted tails
Sona, Eilir, Nine, Seven, Whiskey & Lux in the middle (beginning next to Lux @ the top, going counter-clockwise)
Seven or Nine, Lux & George
Lux, Nine & Seven
Eilir, Lux & Seven or Nine
George, Sona, Lux, Whiskey, Eilir, Seven and Nine in the bottom left corner
Seven, Sona, Whiskey under everyone, Eilir, Lux and George’s bum in the right corner
Sona, Eilir, Whiskey, Seven & George
Eilir, Whiskey, Sona and Nine

We had the little girls out on a table for the first time today, so they could start getting used to us.  Can you tell them all apart yet?  : – )

If you would like more information on the many varieties and colour markings of pet rats, you may like to see this website: AFRMA


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