Practice, Practice, Practice …

Click on this link: Practice for Jaen to see what it looks like.  admittedly, I won’t be writing in rainbow colours ultimately, but there’s no reason not to do so now, since it’s really just practice.  Can you figure out what I’ve written?  There are a number of sites available which show the Futhark alphabets- I’ve written phonetically, so it’s easiest if you sound it out aloud.

Jaen is the character I will be playing at Epoch next summer.  Epoch is a Tronoto-based LARP group (Live Action Role Play), and Jaen will be recording things in her notebook using the Futhark to keep it private.  There will be a little cheat-sheet in the back, to make things easier for the Artistic Director, so I can get extra points for keeping the book.

I learnt to use the Futhark to substitute for letters when I was taking notes in university, to make things more interesting.  It’s surprising how much I remember, given that I last did this perhaps three years ago.  It’s fun!


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