A Good Little Wife

Writing Prompt #1: Opening Line

“Her mother always said she would make a good wife.”

Her mother always said she would make a good wife.  It was true, she supposed, but really no one could have anticipated the kind of husband she might have. Many things were the same as if he had been a normal man, she still cooked and cleaned and did the laundry (such of it as there was).  Her husband didn’t much care for those things, though, so mostly she did them for herself and to keep busy.  She also spent long hours in the library, and sometimes she’d stay in bed all day, feeling a little guilty the whole while.  But her husband was wealthy and was away most of the time, so she probably could have sneaked off to see her family now and then, except for the fact that her family lived on earth, and wherever it was that she now lived had no connection to earth that she was aware of.  Her husband could travel freely, he had said, but a little human woman would be in danger outside their home roaming free, and she believed him, especially after that one time a few weeks into their marriage when she had made the attempt.  Her husband came home most nights, and after a while she came to enjoy his visits, despite his disturbing appearance.  Certainly, her mother had never intended her be the “good little wife” of a demon.


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