True Story

Writing Prompt: Drawing from Real Life

Have you ever stolen anything? Tell us about it.


I stole a caramel from a grocery store when I was less than 10 years old.  I ate it later on in the day, and regretted it, because caramel is one of those things that make you want more and more, so I spent an afternoon miserably craving more.  I never got in trouble for it, though I did tell my mother about it when I was in my mid-teens.  I was one of those children who only got candy on Halloween (and not much, even then), so the force of want was strong with me.  I definitely eat more sweets than I otherwise would have because I was denied back then.  Incidentally, I think I stole the candy because my mother had told me a story about something similar and I wanted to see if what happened in the story would happen to me, but given how young I was at the time, my memory is pretty vague and that could be false.  I don’t recall ever stealing anything else.

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