Writing Prompt: One Word Inspirations

Writing Prompt: One Word Inspirations



Photo from: http://www.featurepics.com/online/Whiskey-Splash-842153.aspx

Whiskey makes me think of several different things.  I associate the word with warm flavor, a thick burn in my throat like drinking rubbing alcohol, and deep golden colours.  I can see an old-style study, complete with beautiful leather-and cloth-bound books on classical shelving, a heavy wooden desk shining dark mahogany, a dressing gown on an overstuffed chair, the smell of cigars, and a top hat, tilted neatly on a hat rack by the door.  Somewhere a newspaper sits folded neatly on a table by a large fireplace.

Whiskey is also Sortilege (maple whiskey from Montreal) which my university friends loved, cherished and sought like it was gold.  I think of ancient almost broken sofas, white with pink flowers, a little portable pool table, and sitting on the floor with a cup of this precious liquid clutched carefully in my hands, afraid that I might be scolded for wasting it should it accidentally fall.

Whiskey is a shy character in the television show Dollhouse, and makes me think of a damaged and frighten(ed/ing) woman, so fragile with steel in her eyes.

Whiskey burns on the way down, no matter how delicate the flavour.


6 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: One Word Inspirations”

      1. My husband loves whiskey – and loves maple syrup! It sounds the ideal combination for a present for him… I wonder if it’s available in the UK? I must investigate!

      2. You’ll have a hard time. We can’t get it in Ontario, only in Quebec, though there may be a website which will ship it, it’s hard to say.
        Good luck!

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