If You Like … Museums

Then I recommend the Musée d’art Contemporain de Montréal.  I’ve added the link to the English site, but there is an option to view it in French if you prefer.  Incidentally, if anyone can figure out how to put in the appropriate accents in WordPress, I’d love to know.  [edit: Many thanks to thatspoiledrat, who kindly explained it for me!!]

I used to visit this museum with my mother when we lived in Montreal- I always really enjoyed it.


5 thoughts on “If You Like … Museums”

  1. When you are writing a post, you click the omega symbol (looks like a hoof print) in the tool area, where you bold or italicize or link stuff. You should be able to select accented letters! :)

    1. Awesome, I shall have to try it!!! Many thanks! Also, it turns out that Seven didn’t have ten babies, she had eleven!!!! Went to the vet this morning & it seems everything is fine. : – )

      1. Good good, glad to hear! You should totally keep one of the rat babies and call it “Seven Eleven” :)

      2. I can’t deny that the thought /had/ occured to me! We’ll see how the babies are as they grow up- we may wind up doing just that!

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