Writing Prompt: Drawing from Real Life

How would you describe your mother to someone who had never met her? If you have never met your mother, describe what you think she is/was like.


In my mind’s eye, my mother is still in her early thirties, with dark hair and bright eyes.  She is still tall and strong.  I barely knew her- it is always difficult for a child to understand the truth about their elders, and difficult for an adult to express themselves to a child.  I could tell you more about the routines and small deviations from routine than I could about her as a person, which I think is the saddest part of most parent-child relationships, because this is the way they all are.

We ate tomato, sugar, and mayonnaise sandwiches in the summer time, drank cold chai tea latte drinks and played board games by our own special rules in the afternoons.  In the winter we trekked to school every day, and occasionally played hookie.  I like to think my mother had some really great days at that time, when she smiled and laughed and generally had a good time.


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