Ah, the weekend was crazy!

We had quite a few people visit, and much fun was had.  Among the attendees were: a crazy Snake-Lady, Death, a big-game hunter, Indiana Jones, a Champion of Tiamat, Dr. Victor Frankenstein, and Frankenstein’s monster.

The food was delicious:

  • Eternal Stew, provided by Indiana Jones  (ingredients unknown)
  • Split-pea Eyeball Soup, provided by the Snake Lady   (canned soup /w hand-dyed bocconcini mozzarella cheese)
  • Homemade Bread, provided by Death
  • Blistered Garlic Chicken, provided by Frankenstein’s monster   (click the link for the recipe this one was a big hit!)
  • Meaty Bones, provided by the monster  (the gauze never did get used for ours- the ravening masses were way to starving at the time.  This meal went down so fast there was no time to get pictures.)
  • Ghastly Glow Punch, provided by the monster  (we used Mango sorbet & real cranberry juice since we couldn’t find concentrate.  We also added some special edible sparkle dust made for drinks- it was very delicious)
  • Boneyard Dirt ‘Cake Pops’, provided by Victor Frankenstein with help from the Snake Lady  (we didn’t find any bone sprinkles, but we substituted chocolate river rocks, which went over quite well)
  • Clove-Pumpkin Cake, provided by Victor, with extensive decorating aid from The Un-costumed One  (this cake started out as a plain white cake mixed with a red velvet cake, and only got more complicated from there- the center was filled with pumpkin pie filling!  The icing was a coloured buttercream which was much too sweet in the end, and the decorations were rolled fondant)
  • Kiwi-Coconut Eyeballs, provided by Victor with extensive aid provided by the Snake Lady (they didn’t look right in the end, but they were very tasty!)
  • White Witch Clusters, provided by Victor, the monster & with the Snake Lady’s help  (ingredients were modified due to availability issues & raisins were omitted entirely)

Transportation was graciously provided by Indiana Jones & The Other Un-costumed One and photography was done by the Snake Lady & Victor.


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