Pet Rats

Good afternoon everyone,

Seven’s babies are at the age where it is possible to tell the boys from the girls definitively, which means that it is time for us to start looking to see if anyone is looking for baby ratboys.  They will not be separated from their mother until at the very least 4 weeks (at the most 5, unless we’re willing to chance the mother getting pregnant again, which we are not).

If you are interested, or know someone who is, please either direct them to comment here, or to send an email to me (be aware that I am in the GTA, and will have a number of questions for you).  Also, if you know of a rat-related resource which I may not be aware of, please tell me about it!

Some caveats:

I cannot speak to the genetic health or lineage of these babies, I am not a breeder by any stretch of the imagination, I do not know who the father of these rats is, and Seven came from a petstore, so I cannot guarantee anything about her health or the health of her ancestors.  That being said, these babies are extremely well socialized, and will definitely be litter trained by the time they are ready to leave.  If you have any questions, or even are curious and just want to know more, please, please, please ask.  I will definitely be clear about what I do and don’t know myself (I do not claim to be an expert, though I have owned a fair number of rats over the years). Also, I promise I won’t be mean- I totally understand how confusing all the information out there can be!

Regarding pet stores, rescues, & our decision to get Seven, Nine, Whiskey, Lux, George, Sona & Eilir from a petstore:

Personally, I would prefer to get my rats from breeders or from rescues. However, given my location & the location of the nearest reputable breeder (Ottawa), that option is not available to me. We have gotten rats from Chelle’s Critter Haven before, and were very happy with Kerrigan & Molly, however at the time when we were looking for babies (a month or so ago), Chelle’s did not have young baby girls available.  We really love Molly & Kerrigan, but some of their behavioural quirks (caused by their unhappy origins) are a little awkward to deal with, so we wanted to start with a large group of females this time who were young enough to really be trained properly from the beginning.  I go into this briefly on this page, if you’re interested, and if you want to ask me anything about it, please feel free, I don’t mind discussing it at all.  : – )

Some Pet Rat Websites:


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