I Declare

my blogging experiment a success!

I have been posting to this blog now for 6 months to the day.  My original aim here was to really get myself interested in producing creative content again, and the method I thought I’d try was to post at a minimum once a day.  I think it’s worked.  I’m writing poetry again, I’m starting short (and sometimes longer) stories, and I’m taking a great many photographs.  I definitely count this as a success!

WordPress gives us little goals and achievement stars as we post a certain number of times and as we get more followers, and these are nice little encouragements, but this, my 6 month anniversary in the ‘Blogisphere’, this is the real milestone for me.  I think I’ll go celebrate with a nice cup of coffee and a soak in a luxurious bath, complete with a Dragon’s Egg bath-bomb.  : – )

Have a FANTASTIC day, everyone!!


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