NaNoWriMo Friday Update

I’m on track at 3,579 words on Day 2 of National Novel Writing Month. (for an average of 1,789 words/day)   (My ghost word count, which includes the bits I wrote before November is 5,734)

There are 46,421 words to go!

Image comes from

In order to complete the goal of 50,000 words in one month, participants need to write at least 1,667 words a day on every day of November.  Often people start out strong and hit a wall at about 25,000 words which typically clears somewhere between 30,000 words and 40,000.  I foresee a great deal of bad and forced writing in my future, but I’m game to try- I can always spend December & January editing it so it doesn’t suck so much!

I had generally established some of my characters in advance, and I have a general storyline in mind- hopefully I can make it flow right, but we shall see, I suppose.

I guess it looks like I’m participating after all.  : – )


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