NaNoWriMo and writing in general

I wouldn’t say I’m procrastinating, exactly, but I am a little behind.  I guess I’m finding it difficult to focus, not just because I feel a little like I’m not sure how to get where I’m going with the story, but also because there are so many other things to worry about in my life right now.  I don’t want to be the person in the back of the room, frowning, and ignoring everything around to indulge in the chewing of lips and twisting of hands that comes with tension and anxiety.  I’d like to be the person steadily writing in whatever free time they can find, and focusing steadily on each task as it comes up when necessary.  I’m just not sure that’s something I can manage right now.

Do you ever feel this way?  Helpless to change behaviours you don’t want, and trapped without the ability to struggle out of it?


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