This has got to be

one of the coolest features of WordPress…  The ability to see what parts of the world are seeing the blog- it is incredible to see that people who are in places I’ve never been to are viewing content that I put out there.  This is something that LiveJournal definitely didn’t have- the sense that so many people I haven’t met are interested and involved (even if it’s just to click that ‘like’ button)!

This is all of you…

5 thoughts on “This has got to be”

  1. My view is actually from China but I connect to a USA vpn connection due to the whole not being able to get on wordpress in China thing. Absecon , NJ should be Shanghai , CN :)

    I love looking at my country stats too.

    1. I had no idea China restricted access to WordPress! I guess I can imagine why they might, but how much do they restrict, is it all internet sites, or just some?

      I’m glad I’m in Canada!

      1. It’s weird. It’s an on and off thing with them blocking wordpress. I used to have some visits from Chinese IPs but they have all dried up. I can’t access the site directly unless I use my VPN. Big ones blocked are Facebook , Youtube, WordPress , Twitter , and then various Western news sources when they print something naughty. (Oh yea and the big one – porn). It’s not hard to get a vpn to get past the blocks though . I pay 6USD a month . Chinese people don’t really care much about getting past the blocks. They have their own versions of twitter , facebook , etc.

      2. $6/month isn’t so bad, I guess. It’s just a shame that people can’t communicate across as easily, I think. It’s cool that China has their own versions, though. I wonder if the features might sometimes be better…

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