December 29th, 2012

I’ll be 26 years old tomorrow and there is a chance that the day will not be fantastic.  I don’t exactly have a history of great birthdays, but most of them have been pretty good.  I’ve enjoyed sushi dinners, homemade chocolate cake, salmon, rice and sweet potato puree.  I’ve had relaxing walks in museums and disastrous days on which everything which could possibly go wrong did.  I don’t think it will be like that this year.  I think it will be quiet, and I hope I will have friends and family around to enjoy the day with me.

But since I’ve been around for a while, I thought I would take the time to make a little list of the years in review:

  1. 1987 – Very sick on my birthday
  2. New York City & Atlanta, Georgia
  3. Lost my father, met my grandfather
  4. 1990 – moved to Pennsylvania
  5. Had friends living nearby for the first time (Katie & Marina)
  6. Visited Edmonton & Auntie Dawn, had a birthday party with relatives for the first time
  7. PEEC summer camp (nature in the Delaware Water Gap)
  8. Cousin Lauren in the summer, earning our first money
  9. 1995 – Italy, Christmas with Char & Andy & Marti for the first time
  10. Sleeping on the green couch (I loved that couch!), first digital camera, Great Danes
  11. New dog, Ki-lin, a miniature Schnauzer
  12. Smokey the Bandit, a Welsh Mountain pony I rode bareback all the way home
  13. Reading Fantasy novels, writing fanfiction, and horse camp with my Birth-Sister
  14. 2000 – Introduction to Anime (Hurray for Gundam Wing!)
  15. Boarding school in Ottawa, first roommate, first boyfriend
  16. First cellphone & first Metal concert (it was Metallica)
  17. Pierced my own bellybutton, first time dyeing my hair
  18. Trip to Italy with Choir (we didn’t sing in Sienna, we promise!), first real breakup
  19. 2005 – High school Graduation, University in Waterloo, Ontario, KOG, first really nerdy group of friends, this was a great year
  20. Lived with the nerds in KOG House,
  21. Lived with Neko & Rachelle, worked for the Swiss Chalet, new boyfriend
  22. Uncle Andy died, a very sad year, University Graduation, BA in English
  23. Worked for the University, planning to move closer to TO
  24. Moved closer to TO, 2010 – Unemployed, this sucks!!, Common-Law
  25. Administrative Assistant job (again), Nightwish concert (2 of them!)
  26. 2012 – Trip to Italy, first trip to England

I can measure my life in decades now.  As I kid I always thought I wouldn’t live to see my 26th birthday, but here I am…  What do you know, 2013 is stretching out in front of my like so much empty space waiting to be filled.


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