Change is in the Air…

So over the next few minutes, you should notice some changes happening to the site.

Some new Pages will appear and you’ll notice that Just A Thought has added an author.  For those of you who are familiar with my If You Like posts, you’ll notice that the schedule will be changing from Monday, Wednesday, Friday to Tuesday & Wednesday.  This is to make space for three new segments, “The Oddness” and “If You Don’t Like,” which will be written by the new author, and a new segment from me called “On My Mind.”

The new author has some pretty different interests and opinions from me, so hopefully this will make the posts more diverse and fun to read.

These changes do not mean that I won’t still be posting other things from time to time, and I won’t stop posting photographs of my BJDs or anything else I find interesting or beautiful.  It does, however, mean that there is guaranteed to be one interesting post every weekday, and in time we may expand to take over the weekend, too.  One thing at a time, though, okay?

So feel free to poke around a little, and expect the first “The Oddness” post tomorrow- wish us luck!!


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