If You Don’t Like “Resolution”:

Play Mass Effect 3 to the endings. (Click Here for endings)

I realize that I’m very late to the party with this complaint but I thought that the issue was so egregious as to merit a revisit. Don’t get me wrong- I loved Mass Effect 3. I thought that the mechanics were the best in the series and the way it integrated the choices and decisions for the other games in a meaningful way was wonderful. What I don’t understand is why they messed up the original cuts of the endings so badly. The player had no idea what was going on, no idea what the ramifications of their choices were and absolutely no sense of closure. The irony is that the extended cuts they released after the outcry delivered everything that was missing in the originals and added only a little time to the experience. I have no idea why Bioware didn’t include the extended cuts from the get go to avoid the damage to their reputation. This is a perfect example of little details ruining an otherwise great product or experience.


4 thoughts on “If You Don’t Like “Resolution”:”

  1. I disagree that the Extended Cut really fixed the problems with the ending. It fixed a problem: The lack of falling action and resolution. They added resolution in a half-assed and largely insufficient manner, but it was fixed.

    The Leviathan DLC fixed another problem: A lack of foreshadowing of the nature of the Catalyst. Once that was added in, the story was ultimately complete.

    That doesn’t mean the ending isn’t still awful, though. The Space Brat was a terrible concept, executed terribly. That entire scene never should’ve been present in the game.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. I haven’t played the Leviathan DLC yet, but your right the whole young boy as Catalyst thing was very abrupt. What I was thinking was that with the extended cut endings Bioware as default the ending would have been weak but they would have missed the firestorm of criticism they got for the ending being awful.

  2. Yea always heard that the leviathan dlc helps a bit but I still can’t forget the terribleness of the endings. Extended cut did nothing for me, in fact in my mind they made it worst by over explaining stuff that didn’t need explained. idk maybe the idea of the indoctrination theory was so awesome that no other dlc can fill that hole. Still love the series but honestly I wish they wouldn’t touch it for a few years.

    1. From the perspective of someone who didn’t actually play the games, but rather watched them unfold over someone else’s shoulder- I think the extended endings were better storytelling than without, but they still left me feeling like it wasn’t quite finished.

      I also hope they leave the series alone for a while – long enough for all the fans out there to get over all the mixed negative feelings about the endings. I’m really uneasy about how they made it seem like all the choices the player made didn’t really matter in the end. The words ‘fate’ and ‘destity’ come to mind, and those concepts always make me feel uncomfortably like I’m being preached to.

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