If You Don’t Like “Being The Good Guy”

Dungeon Lords Cover

Dungeon Lords is a worker placement game by Vlaada Chvatil where players take the role of a malevolent Dark Lord constructing a lair beneath the earth. Of course, the Dark Lords don’t have it all their own way.  Periodically noble heroes invade the dungeons in search of loot and fame (I’m pretty sure it’s in that order). I am a huge fan of boardgames and I loved the Dungeon Keeper computer games so this game seems like a  great fit for me and it is.

However, it does have some issues, mostly because there is no interaction between the players. I do very much appreciate the level of complexity that the game provides. So many options to choose from and so few chances to make them means that you have to think through each move to make sure you get everything you need (food, imps, traps, gold, etc).

Overall, Dungeon Lords is a fun, complex game for the advanced board game player and I recommend it for those interested, but it is not a perfect game, unfortunately.


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