If You Like… BJDs

then I recommend looking at Den of Angels (DoA).  Membership is limited, and only opens up for a brief time, however, it is well worth the wait.  Also, there are things on the site that you can view even without a membership.  I waited about three years before I started thinking about joining the forum, and then waited for another three years until I had actually ordered by first doll before actually applying for membership.  The process isn’t difficult, and you certainly don’t have to wait as long as I did to join if you want to join quicker- it’s just in my nature to lurk for as long as possible before I get my feet wet.

:-) If you’re looking for me on there, my username (unsurprisingly) is ‘Betheratgirl.’

Header from DoA website, and belongs to them.
Header from the DoA website.

If you’re already a member, and want to post pictures of your BJD or props or whatever, then I suggest getting an account with an image hosting site called ImageShack.  It’ll make your life much much easier.  I tried Flikr first, and was sorely disappointed- DoA does not play nice with Flikr.



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