The Oddness: Want to make a Million Dollars?

Who wouldn’t want a million dollars? People spend all sorts of time dreaming about winning the lottery and this method is much simpler. All you need to do is demonstrate any supernatural ability: psychics, remote viewing, faith healing- anything would work.

I’m talking about the $1,000,000 Challenge from the James Randi Educational Foundation. The JREF was created by magician and professional paranormal skeptic James Randi (See for full biography) to continue his work of challenging supernatural claims and educating the public in skeptical thinking (the JREF Site:

The Challenge consists of 2 stages: a preliminary test at a location close to the applicant, and then a formal test at another location. The testing protocol is mutually agreed upon between the JREF and the Applicant so no one party can force the other to accept anything. There have been 350 applicants between 1997 and 2005. To date no claim has survived the preliminary testing.

Do you think you are up for it?

See Randy debunk Faith Healer Peter Popoff and Psychic Uri Geller:


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