If You Don’t Like “Pocket Monsters”

Image from http://freethoughtblogs.com/blaghag/2013/01/welcome-to-pokebiology-101/

Then I’m afraid you aren’t going to enjoy PokeBiology 101.  This is a blog series by Jen McCreight devoted to applying modern evolutionary theory and other biological principles to Pokemon. I know that it sounds like a weird idea, and it is.  After all, Pokemon is a video game to which the rules of nature don’t need to apply and frankly they usually don’t. What makes this blog series special and fun is how Jen takes particularly odd natural developmental paths to explain impossible Pokemon like Eevee (1 Creature, 7 different developmental paths). This is still a series in its infancy, at the time of writing there are 2 posts in the series, but I think that it will be very interesting and deserves a look.

If you enjoy learning about science then go check out Jen’s unique approach at PokeBiology 101.


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