If You Like … Science

Following the trend of science-related suggestions, I’m going to recommend a YouTube show called “SciShow” by Hank Green today.

Image from: http://earthscienceguy.blogspot.ca/2012/09/scishow-youtube-channel.html
Image from: http://earthscienceguy.blogspot.ca/2012/09/scishow-youtube-channel.html

The show started about a year ago, and features introductory information to a whole host of science-related topics.  For those of you in my generation, if you remember Bill Nye the Science Guy, this show is basically and fundamentally that show reborn into today’s world.  Fun, funny and interesting, the show takes a casual and enthusiastic approach to science that I wish my science teachers had taken when I was in school.  I probably would have been a biologist today if they had! (Or maybe a zoologist, actually)

Either way, this is a fun way to review the basics and learn a couple of things you might have missed along the way.



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