If You Like … Skiing

The skiing conditions on Sunday were reasonably good at Glen Eden, if a little icy.  I went skiing for the first time in eight years with a friend of mine, and while the hills themselves weren’t too bad, the other skiers and snowboarders were a real menace.  I have to say it mostly wasn’t their fault, though.  Whoever designed the main green square slope’s shape and features (there was only one, very narrow area for really new skiers / boarders near the bottom, and it was separated by a giant light pole and to the other side was a decent sized mogul), they obviously weren’t thinking clearly.  I was taken out from behind at the knees by two different people on Sunday, because the slope was too difficult for them, and there wasn’t enough room for them to avoid careening headlong into other people.  Both individuals were very polite about it, and no one was hurt.

The evening improved, however, as the night went on, since the unskilled and the young children called it early on account of the descending darkness and the biting cold.  I was extremely unimpressed with the chalet there, but was quite pleased by the service technician who looked at my skis before I started.

All in all, I’m glad I got to ski, but pretty disappointed by the location itself.  I’m hoping to try out Chicopee soon, and when I do, I’ll let you know what I think.

Image from: http://skicentral.com/gleneden-trailmap.html
Image from: http://skicentral.com/gleneden-trailmap.html

You can see Glen Eden’s website here:  http://gleneden.on.ca/

And Chicopee’s website here:  http://www.discoverchicopee.com/


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