If You Like … BJDs

I watch the YouTube videos of a number of people in the doll hobby, among them Denali Wind, who recently mentioned three doll companies I had never heard of before in one of her videos.  So being the curious creature I am, I went and looked at them.  The first one is DollsTown.


DollsTown, like most BJD companies, has a few different lines.  Their bodies tend towards the super-thin, which I’m not very fond of myself, but the sculpt-work is very impressive, and it looks like they would pose well.  They do look very realistic, and the face-shapes are quite diverse, which I appreciate.  There are a wide selection of resin colours available, but all of them tend towards the lighter end of the ‘realistic’ spectrum (ignoring the fact that no human being I’ve ever met is actually the colour of paper), and definitely this is not a company specializing in fantasy-type dolls.  Other than that, the website itself is easy to use, if not overly pretty.

Image is from the DollsTown website.
Image is from the DollsTown website.


DollsTown: http://dollstown.com/

DenaliWind’s YouTube Chanel: http://www.youtube.com/user/amsbindi1


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