Claire Marie Mercier

Name: Claire Marie Mercier
Age: 14
Eyes: Leekeworld (K. Round Designer Eyes, Dark Blue)
Wig: Leekeworld (LR-008, Size D, Royal Carrot)
Faceup: Iplehouse Faceup C
Sculpt: Iplehouse Tania
Family: Half sister Nadja (15), full siblings Noelle (13), Simon (11), Celeste (10), Louis & Pierre (5), cousin Chloe (10)
Likes: Pretty clothes, fashion, expensive things, chocolate strawberries
Dislikes: having to wait, the school rules, anything that prevents her from doing whatever she feels like
Lineage: Her family is from France, and they are quite wealthy


Click here to see the ‘Ball Jointed Dolls’ Page.


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