Until the Days No longer Come

October 10th, 2013

There are secrets in every person’s life that settle
deeply into their sense of self and slowly bleed the
truth out into everything else, the true nature of what
we intend but which is invisible to the world around us.
It is a struggle to adjust and try to show the things
that make us feel vulnerable and soft, the things we
fear that others will take advantage of and use to hurt
us. The misunderstandings wind up causing more pain
and trouble than the security of self is worth.

It’s a process
A trial
Many steps taken
In the wrong direction
backwars sometimes,
or a swerve to the left,
that leaves us shaken
or confused
uncertain of where
we were headed
or how we’ve gotten where
we are.
Look around you
find your bearing
and start anew,
every day until the days
no longer come.


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