The Time Is Now

There’s a new poem today, hope you enjoy!!

Spun Stardust

I am Alice, who stands before the looking glass,
The girl who is speechless before the caterpiller’s
Urgent question

I am Atreyu, whose horse has just died,
The would-be hero who is mired in the
Swamp of Saddness

I am Harry Potter, who lives under the cupboard,
The boy who hasn’t lived yet, but is awaiting
A letter

I am Rapunzel, who lets down her hair,
The child stuck in a tower she’s obediently built herself without
Her prince

I am River Tam, who could maybe kill with her mind,
Still frozen in a box waiting for her brother’s

But my time is coming
Soon I will return home,
Soon I will rescue the princess,
Soon I will vanquish the Dark Lord,
Soon I will escape the tower,
Soon I will be released,
And then my story will truly begin.

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