January Cure: Assignment # 4 & 5

Good morning, fair readers!

Hans and I had a busy night last night rearranging my solarium and clearing out the recycling and garbage from the apartment in general. There is still more, of course, but heavy inroads were made. :-)

I thought I’d provide a little update on the progress on my project checklist, and tell you about our new ‘outbox.’ The outbox is a January Cure idea, and a pretty good one, too. The idea is that you take all the things you aren’t really sure if you want to keep and put them in one place for a week, and at the end of the week you decide if it stays or goes. I set ours up with my old 13″ deep box TV set and called it a day. I’ll tell you a secret- it’s probably heading out the door in a week. :-)

And here’s the shorter checklist:

Zone 1:

Front Door

  • change locks
  • fix door handle

Storage Room

  • empty recycling (done)

Linen Closet

  • get cubbies

Front Hall Closet

  • devise system of hanging up, organizing for coats and shoes


  • build bench for front hall (done)
  • get rid of excess recycling (partially done)
  • get big blue bins out of entrance (done)
  • get the bookshelf out of the entrance
  • change 2 light fixtures

Laundry Room

  • move machines over to one side
  • get laundry storage unit (Ikea, probably)
  • new light fixture & bulb

Zone 2:

Living Room

  • put up bookshelves
  • unbox books
  • get rid of purple shelving unit
  • get lounge / loveseat
  • get light sources

Dining room

  • get shelving for art supplies
  • get remaining chairs, 4
  • replace chandelier, or alter to suit & get new light bulbs
  • get blinds


  • replace light fixture / fan
  • move a shelf into the internet nook
  • make layout plan for kitchen renovation project
  • reupholster the scary yellow chair
  • find new home for the grocery shopping cart (done)
  • set up coffee machine
  • get stepstool, because I am ridiculously short and am sick of pulling one of our dining room chairs into the kitchen
  • clean out fridge (done)

Zone 3:


  • set up the loft bed (done)
  • fix layout problems (done)
  • tidy up mess (done)
  • get hooks for fairy lights
  • get hooks for prisms
  • install light strips & get the second one
  • blinds!!!!!

Pet Room

  • bring in second cage (done)
  • get all the things which do not belong out of the room
  • get a new light
  • get rid of old plastic drawers (done)


  • put trolleys in the storage room
  • pick up garbage & recycling
  • put red metal chairs outside

Hans’ Lair

  • get blinds
  • move all his lamps into the room
  • get lightbulbs for the lamps

Zone 4:


  • unplug drain from previous owners
  • clean toilet
  • replace plunger
  • clean radiator
  • clean rest of the mirror

Master Bedroom

  • deal with all the clothes which were all over the floor (done)
  • get two standing lamps (Target, probably, to double as nightstands)
  • install the mirror back onto the dresser
  • fix wobbly vanity (done)
  • clean other dresser
  • get blinds

Master Bathroom

  • order the vanity & mirror!!

Still with me?  Okay, so today’s project is to pick one of those things that hasn’t been done and do it.  I’ll let you know how it goes!  :-)



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