Twenty-seven Things I Want to do in My Twenty-Seventh year

  1. Learn as much Italian as I can learn in two semesters.
  2. Go back to the tri-state area & see the places I have lived.
  3. Finish establishing my (slightly acidic) home.
  4. Worry less!
  5. Start volunteering.
  6. Decide what I really want to go back to school for, and
  7. Do it!
  8. Get a part-time job.
  9. Start a little business venture.
  10. Finish and publish that book of poetry which has been in the works for well over two years.
  11. Do something meaningful with my love of photography.
  12. Make at least one new friend.
  13. Teach myself how to cook properly.
  14. Make Baked Alaska, finally!
  15. Learn how to play guitar.
  16. Sculpt a human figure.
  17. Sell a finished painting.
  18. Go to more conventions, because it’s fun and I might meet new people!
  19. Get myself ready to ski regularly next winter.
  20. Find someplace in the area where I could ride horses, preferably year-round, without having to own one.
  21. Start my little balcony garden,
  22. And build some birdhouses to encourage them to visit.
  23. Read more books.
  24. Make a proper YouTube channel
  25. and publish scheduled videos.
  26. Travel to a new country.
  27. Always try to be a better version of myself.

D.F.T.B.A.     <- that, too!


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