Craft of the Week: Tyranid Paint Scheme

I`m working on a paint scheme for my Tyranid army.

A little bit of background: The photos above are all of one prototypical Tyranid model. Tyranids are a race of vaguely insectoid creatures from the Warhammer 40K universe usually used to fight tabletop battles. The models are plastic, and are put together and painted by whoever is intending to use them. In my case, Hans is modifying the shape of the models to make them more spider-like for me, and I am then painting them. This particular model is our final shape for this unit type, and this is the first trial paint scheme for them. It`s not yet finished- needs a few more adjustments, and a final coat of clear protective varnish, with a bit of gloss on the carapace.

I`ll keep you updated on the project, since it`s pretty extensive. :-)


Warhammer 40K:


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