Craft of the Week (CoW): Writing Prompt Jar

I’m sure you’ve seen these around the internet already, but I’ve been having some writing inspiration troubles lately, and I thought it was about time to make myself one. Basically, I collected the prompts I wanted to use, and printed them out on pretty cardstock. If you’re going to try this, I recommend you use either thick regular paper, or even just regular printer paper, because the cardstock didn’t hold up well once rolled. It rippled badly and the very edge at the center of the roll the pattern layer has started to lift away from the rest of the paper (it doesn’t really show up well in the photo, but it should give you some idea). Once printed, I used my straight-edge cutter to prevent wavy edges, but you could use scissors in a pinch. Also, if you do use one of those heavy-duty cutters, please be careful- it’s really really easy to accidentally cut yourself, and is even possible to lose a digit. Once all the pieces were cut, I started rolling the paper strips. At first I tried using a pen, but found it was much too thick to get the rolls small enough. A toothpick worked just fine, but I still had to be careful to prevent the cardstock from rolling crooked or completely separating from itself, and I also had to pull the toothpick out before rolling it tighter.

I still intend to get a glass container large enough to hold all of them, and decorate it, but for now, I’ve got some more rolling to do.


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