Rats in a Box: Lady Lux


Lifespan: 8/2012 – 05/09/2014

Gender: female

Description: Champagne Rex (rex is the curly fur type)

Lux lost the battle today.  She’s always struggled with recurrent infections under her right eye, and though she recently finished a course of antibiotics, it wasn’t enough.

When we were looking for rats in 2012, Lux was the first we picked.  She was in a different store from the others, and she was alone there.  She was at the time the friendliest and most outgoing rat I’d ever met, and I couldn’t stand the thought that someone might keep her as a single rat.  She waited in the car when we went in to the next place, and in the time-honoured tradition of pet store rats, everyone bonded on the terrifying box-ride home.  Lux and Sona were fast friends, and even in her last days, the two of them could most frequently be found curled into a little ratty pretzel together.

We named Lux after a character in League of Legends (that’s where Sona, Chandra, Shyvana all got their names, too).  In many ways Lux reminds me of the first rat I ever lost (Eris), who also died much too early and was very ill in her last days.  We were waiting for a call from the vet when we found her this evening, but obviously it was already much too late.   This is the part of having pet rats that I hate- so often they die young, and in pain.  I wish no pet had to suffer this kind of fate.



Image Source: http://videogames.desktopnexus.com/get/1175999/?t=d6200lofe16jp69f6uj284p67753a0f2a428211


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