Rats in a Box (RiB): Seven

Seven (of Nine)

Lifespan: 8/2012 – (not yet!)

Gender: female

Description: Mis-marked Hooded Rex Dumbo (rex is the curly fur type & dumbo is the lower ears, which look bigger)

Seven and Nine were the last two girls we chose in 2012 when we were looking for rats.  They were snuggled together and seemed the least social- we wanted to get six rats at the time, because we thought that number would work well for us.  At the time we still had two elderly girls, so with the six new ones we’d have 8 total, which we figured we could handle until our two older girls passed.  We didn’t want to split up Seven and Nine because they seemed so attached to each other, and so we made the fateful decision to take them both home with us.

This turned out to be a mistake, since Seven was already pregnant- one of the two other rats we left behind at the store must have been a boy.  It took us a few weeks to figure out that something was up with Seven, and we had an appointment scheduled with our vet for the 12th of October.  Seven gave birth to eleven babies on the eleventh, and because we had no idea what to do with pinkies, we kept our appointment the next day.  The vet was very helpful, but we really hadn’t planned on having 20 rats, which is how many this gave us.  Our two older girls (Molly and Kerrigan) died not long thereafter, leaving us with 18, still way more than we had bargained for.  We tried to find homes for the babies, to no avail.

Today we have 16 ratkids, having lost one of the original group (Luxana), and one of the babies (Shyvana) in the last two weeks.

Seven is extremely adorable, but it must be said that she isn’t the brightest of rats, and she certainly looks derpy enough with her big silly ears and her abrupt manner.  She doesn’t seem to know that many of her companions are her children, but she does try to boss everyone around!  (Only the boys are laid-back enough to let her, though!)  We called her Seven because she was the seventh rat we chose that day, but we had nine rats because of her, and Seven of Nine from Star Trek was really cool, so our little troublemaker became Seven of Nine.


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