If You Like … Hair Accessories

At Anime North this year I came across a cool booth with hair accessories called New Beat Designs. They create interesting and unique hair accessories and extensions. You can check them out on Etsy, at www.etsy.com/ca/NewBeatDesigns




on Etsy:  www.etsy.com/ca/NewBeatDesigns


3 thoughts on “If You Like … Hair Accessories”

  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing the New Beat Designs Website.
    I don’t remember if you have bought any of the items at the booth at AN. If you do it would be great to post pictures of your purchased merchandise, if possible of course.
    Have a great day!

    1. Unfortunately, I passed your booth on Sunday after I’d used up all my AN budget, so I didn’t purchase anything. I was glad to see you had an Etsy shop, though- I have a feeling I know where some of my friends’ birthday gifts will come from this year!

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