Rats in a Box: Meet Nimh


Birthdate: 10/11/2012

Gender: female

Description: Black Berkshire Rex (rex is the curly fur type)


Nimh and her brother Bagheera are almost identical in colour, but in size Nimh is much smaller.  Nimh cannot stay still, which is why most of her photos are blurry.  She loves coming to say hi, and is always curious about her surroundings- if you turn your back on her for even a second when the cage door is open, she will have disappeared up onto the top of the cage and will be exploring by the time you’ve turned back around.  We always make a final ‘escaped Nimhsicle’ check before closing the cage doors now!


We named Nimh after the movie “The Secret of Nimh,”  which is appropriately about lab rats who are particularly intelligent.



Image Source:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Secret_of_NIMH


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