RiB: Meet my George


Birthdate: 08/2012

Gender: female

Description: Double Rex Mismarked Hooded (Double rex is the curly fur type, which has genetically occurred twice and results in patchy fur or almost-baldness; mismarked hooded is the colour she would be if her fur was not double rex- a dark head with a patch on her back that does not connect to her hood)

We never planned to have a rat like George.  She was just so outgoing, and loved me immediately- I hated the idea that she might wind up with a family unwilling to care for her well.  She is one of our most outgoing and most adventurous rats, but when she was still quite young, she got an ear infection, so now she has a slight head tilt and looks a little funny!  Her balance is a little off, too, so we’re always careful to watch her to make sure she doesn’t accidentally fall- she has no fear whatsoever, it’s like she knows we’ll never let anything happen to her.

We called her George because for the first few days after we brought everyone home we were a little concerned that she might be a boy!  Someone called her “George” as a joke, and it stuck.  We’d never had a rat with so little hair, so we weren’t entirely sure the pet store had identified her gender properly, and we’d never had a boy before, either.  Now we know that there’s no way we could have mistaken a boy rat for a girl rat at the age she was when we brought her home, but at the time we had a few panicked days!


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