Camp Update:

So, here’s a random Thursday word count update: I’m at 4,316 words out of a total of a total goal of 35,000 for the month. If I were on track to finish on time, I would be at 11,290 words today, which I am not. However, I have written 4,316 words more than I had written in June, so I’m going to keep pushing and see how far I can get!

Have a brief excerpt:

“Needless to say, our little group had gotten off lightly. Twenty other people around the world had reactions like the one I had- of those twenty fifteen died. It was a sober reminder of the differences between us and them. The problem was quickly fixed, but the political damage had been done. Suddenly there was a whole new field within the legal system, and several countries took the aliens as a whole to court. The testing of the devices was put on hold while the whole world tried to figure out what to do.”


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