NaNo Novel 2014

The Chronicles of Callista

Genre: Fantasy


An epic spanning many millennia, with long-lived races changing incrementally while the humans live, love, and die around them.

Beth is a human teen dragged into a world or magic and horror.  Her epic journey drags her across continents and eventually back to her home, where she finds that there is nothing left for her.  She fights her way back to Callista, and is changed forever.

Baeth is a young vampire thrust into the complicated politics of a society she has no interest in.  Her own power grows suddenly and she is left to observe the rapidly changing world for fear that she will change it irrevocably by her presence alone, but some lessons must be learned the hard way.


Don’t even think about it. Faerin’s heavy mind-voice spoke into Bæth’s consciousness, startling her. Bæth suppressed a curse, and wondered once again how the older vampire could have known what she was thinking without reading her mind and also without even seeing her. Faerin was on the other side of the gathering, facing away. There are at least four vampires watching you as we Speak, GrandChilde.

“Damn…” Bæth hissed, her long canines gleaming in the candle and mage light. She concentrated, being careful to Send her words only to Faerin. Why are they watching me? I’m not doing anything, and I’m not interesting to look at- why don’t they watch my Sire? I’d be mortified to find out what he’s doing, but I’m sure that Mortis is far more fascinating than me- it’s like watching a carriage heading happily over the edge of a cliff.

There was silence from her GrandSire for a moment, and Bæth imagined that the stern vampire must be trying not to laugh, and finally there was a reply. You are wasted as a vampire, my dear. You were a wonderful Chalice. I wish my Childe had never needed to Turn you.

You and me both.



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