Rest Well, Sweet Prince

I am once again the bearer of bad news.  Bagheera was unwell in the past few days, so we scheduled an appointment for Monday, but he didn’t make it through the night.




Gender: male

Description:  Black Rex with a white underbelly (Rex is the curly fur type)

Bagheera was born on October 11th, 2012.  Bagheera and his colour-twin Nimh were the smallest of the litter, though Bagheera quickly became the largest boy.  Bagheera was particularly outgoing, loved to play, and (like his sister Nimh) liked to escape from the cage to look for treats.  Bagheera loved headpets, and being held tightly.  He was named after the panther character in The Jungle Book.


3 thoughts on “Rest Well, Sweet Prince”

    1. Thank you.
      He was behaving like it was a neurological problem- we’ve seen the same symptoms a few times. He was fine just a few days ago, it’s always hard when it’s sudden, and so often rats show symptoms when it is already too late.

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