Goodbye Astrid



Gender:  Female

Description:  Beige Capped Rex, which later faded to Siamese Rex  (Capped means she had colour only on her head)

Astrid was shy- one of Seven’s babies, she was the one who taught her siblings to bite.  When she was younger she would grab your finger and refuse to let go, thinking it was a treat.  She never drew blood, but we all learned to approach her carefully.  Thankfully, she mostly stopped this bad habit once she became an adult.

We named her not after the character in How to Train Your Dragon, but rather after a character in a book I had just finished reading in 2012 when they were born.  The novel was “Dies the Fire” by S.M. Stirling, the first in a series- we had already named one of the older ratgirls after a character in the series (Eilir), and the character Astrid was that character’s best friend.


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