Sleep Well, Chandra



Gender: female

Description: Siamese Rex

Chandra lost the battle today.  She suffered from two inoperable tumors, and our vet recommended we bring her in when her suffering became too great.  She was scheduled to go in this Thursday, but she didn’t make it. She was a real sweatheart, and very gentle, if a little shy- her kisses, though rare, were all the more meaningful, and I will miss her a great deal.

Chandra started out pure white in colour as a baby, and she still had the lightest nose of all the smudge girls when they grew up.  One of Seven’s babies, at some point in her first few months, one of the other ratlings decided that Chandra’s head needed to be shaved, so for most of her life there was a patch on her head that looked a little different.  Chandra’s ears were a little unusual, as well- they were thicker than other rats, and she couldn’t bring them forward the way others can.  We think this may be a rare mutation of the Dumbo gene, which her mother had.  We named her after a character from Magic the Gathering.


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